It’s the double life you love sipping on.

The kind that chooses you, now you’re the master of the sum. Folks think you live the high life, but really you’re just a drifter, soaring back from the beyond.

Suddenly you turn into a spirit hurtling at the speed of light, lit by a force so strong, by a craft so captivating, there’s no more room for hang ups or second guessing.

You spin and spin from top to top, but at the bottom of it all you find, that all you seek is to be found only when you lose yourself.

And so you find, lose, find… But can’t tell for certain which is which.

Find your craft. Lose yourself.

This amber-gold beauty is brewed with the purest Himalayan spring water and loaded with all-natural malts and aromatic hops. The result is a perfect balance of intensely complex flavours with a wonderfully smooth caramel finish. It’s unlike anything you would have tasted. Simply delicious.

So sit back, relax and pop open this cool avatar.


This fresh, golden hued delight is abrim with flavours. Our culinary roots inspired a concoction of the crisp wheat character, the twist of lemon rind and the subtle finish of organic Indian spices. Peppercorn and coriander blend with ginger and turmeric to deliver an arresting punch. Pop, sip and slip into an ad lib vibe with this summery brew.

Your Next Pint of Kati Patang Is Never Too Far Away

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At Kati Patang, water is our top priority. We use only the purest Himalayan spring water to brew our delicious craft and ensure that water is utilised judiciously and conserved during every step of the brewing process.

Kati Patang is committed to saving the world's most precious resource and pledges 2% of its annual net profit towards water conservation initiatives. We urge you to engage and contribute because every drop matters.